Thursday, January 10, 2013

We need a home, and momma plans to build it!!!

 Everybody goes through hard times, but we have no intention of letting the hard times hold our family back! In the last 7 months our family has been hit with an unbelievable number of events and the journey is nowhere close to being over, here's a short timeline. . ..

• June 24th A car accident almost claims Elijah's (8 yrs old) life, life flighted from the scene
 • July 23rd Transferred from LSUS to Christus Santa Rosa, San Antonio for rehabilitation (8 hours from home)
 • August 28th We returned home!
 • September 18th Dad leaves
 • September 21st Dad files for Divorce
 • October -- We are seeking options concerning reconstructive surgery for Elijah's Airway ( still needed)
 • November 10th Mom and Dad's last Anniversary, 11 years.
 • November 27th Divorce final, child support ordered.
 • December 8th No more car.
 • December 14th Dad fired. No more support.
 • December 25th Christmas (generous people made this a wonderful holiday) but no Dad
 • December 28th We are told we must vacate our rental home
 • January 30th The day we need a new home.

So what are we going to do now?

We're going to ask for your help!

As a contractor's daughter, mom knows how to build things. This won't be the first time she's put a roof on a house or raised a wall. With her fathers' help and a small piece of his land, she aims to build a house for her boys. A modest home that only totals 768sqft! We're not out to gain a mansion. After all the adjustments we've had to make, we just want a home to call our own!

You can check out our story at
Raising Boys and Life's Joys ( a blog by mom)
If you want to know more about Elijah’s Journey you can go to
Elijah's Journey
If you’d like to follow him on facebook as we continue his journey towards recovery you can follow on at
Elijah Rocks, a public facebook page
Will you consider donating any of the needed materials below?
 If so, please feel free to contact us at 903-930-8951 or 903-930-4465
 Via email at colelaurent83 at

Don't have any material?
 You can donate towards materials via paypal using the email address

So. . .. . .. . .. Without further delay here's the list.

1. 13 2X10X16 Treated (Floor Joist)
 2. 10 2X10X16 Treated (Floor Band)
 3. 1 4X6X16 Treated Seal
 4. 1 4X6X10 Treated
 5. 24 Sheets ¾" CDX plywood
 6. 24 Sheets ½" BC plywood
 7. 51 2X4X16 plate material
 8. 138 2X4X92 5/8 studs
 9. 13 2X10X16 untreated
 10. 5 2X10X16 floor bands
 11. 26 2X6X10 rafters
 12. 18 4X8X 1/2" OSB sheeting
 13. 45 Sheets 5/8 T111
 14. 7 Squares of Shingles
 15. 2 rolls of #15 felt
 16. 4 1X6X8
 17. 2 1X6X12
 18. 2 1X6X16
 19. 4 Sheets ¼" BC plywood
 20. 1 6X8 exterior Door
 21. 12 windows ( size doesn't matter really, we like to be eclectic)
 22. 1 sliding glass door or double doors (exterior rear)

Additional needs will include
 23. Rolls of insulation
 24. 72 Sheets of sheetrock
 25. 110, 220 wire
 26. Outlets, switches, boxes etc.

We will be diligent to mark off materials as they are donated. I know that is seems ambitious but we have set aside the weekend of January 25th -- 27th to build a house and Lord willing it's gonna happen!!
                            Thank you for making this possible, one piece of wood at a time!
                                                                               and the Boys
                                                                                        Elijah, Ethan, Josiah & Jeremiah

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