Saturday, January 12, 2013


Sometimes in life you gain perspective and other times you lose perspective. Either way that little attribute of understanding or misunderstanding makes a huge difference in your life and the lives of others! It is often times that our perspective is what leads us to judge one another. I can personally attest to the uncomfortable reality of being judged on things seen but not known! And, on the same token I am guilty of the same.

When we see a bum on the street we assume they are a drug addict and that they "put" themselves there. There are times when that really isn't the case! When we see a person wearing great cloths we assume that they are well off and have everything together, most of the time that is unlikely.

Yesterday I went to a lumber store to drop of my material list and realized that the graces of other people make me "look" like nothing is wrong! I pulled up in a 2013 Ford Escape that still has paper tags ( my fathers car), walked in with bright blue hair ( my neices' kindness for getting the dye and the pastors kindness for paying for it) and Miss Me jeans ( my sisters, taken straight from her closet with permission). So in a minute it looks like I have money to do my hair, a new car and expensive jeans, yet I'm saying I have no money and soon no home for my kids to live in, no income to sign for a rental home, and I've even filed for state assistance!

I realized quickly that I was so guilty of making assumptions without knowledge! I have often times assessed a situation but not asked any questions! I have looked at someone and determined their worth by what they wear or how they talk, I have judged parenting skills by how kids behaved without considering the situations that may be present, I have assumed that I knew just from observing and frankly that's not enough.

The real power in perspective comes in knowledge! You don't know if you don't ask!

There is no shame in confirming a story by asking questions or looking things up, there is no shame in approaching a person and asking because by doing so you gain knowledge!!!

Here's the real kicker with knowledge you can then gain wisdom.

When discussing my situation with others I try to always lean towards the positive, I smile a lot ( why not!) and I save my heart wrenching moments for my pillow or my mother! At the end of it all, the one thing I want to make sure of in all my challenges is that I walk away wisdom, a better understanding of how to help others and a willingness to challenge my assumptions, ask questions, gain knowledging and in doing so be a wiser person!

So, when you pass somebody today or they ask you for something, don't judge them!
Talk to them, get to know them and by george do something!
Jesus taught the multitudes and FED them! He challenged the disciples and LED them! Paul visited people and then WROTE them! We as a christian people, we can look all day long at a circumstance and wonder why, or even say well that's disappointing but it's not for me to be involved. I've heard some people say life isn't a spectator sport, it's meant to be lived and honestly they're right!
Don't just be a spectator in the game.


  1. I've always liked your perspective. Even more,now. <3

  2. You are so very very right. I am guilty of some of the judging others. I don't understand why I do this but I do. As I started reading this I wondered what you had done about a house. Thank you for sharing this. I will try a little harder to remember this. Maybe God is trying to show me something. I read something else along this same line a little earlier. It was talking about when someone is down or sad and not knowing all that was going on in their lives. Please keep me informed at what is going on in your lives. Wish I could do something to help out. Will certainly be doing a lot of praying for answers for you all.