Thursday, July 21, 2011

Revisiting Reality!

It's been a while since I have considered the realities of what life really is about, but then again who has the time? LOL

Today I have had a wonderful morning, got up, milked the cow, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, made bread dough ( it's rising ) and plated blueberry crumb bars compliments of Smitten Kitchen and yet through the midst of it all we managed to feed 6 kids and get them dressed! I think it is amazing that all of this can happen in a matter of a couple hours! And we think God couldn't create the world in 6 days!! LOL He is the master of multitasking.

After a delightful morning, we had a visit from the "church" way out of line but hey they're trying right? Don't get me started, wasn't it that creepy little Yoda dude that said "do or do not, their is no try!"..... I don't mind the church but please people bother to have SOME christian standards :)

So after the "church" visit that went as well as a pile of crap in a pristine chapel, the kids have been playing outside and on the Wii and we have enjoyed a really great day! Nothing about this world is simple but yet if we let it be, there is a simple peace about knowing that no matter which way the storm rolls, we are covered! We don't need to build an Ark, we don't have to sacrifice our children or beg for a statue to do a miracle.

Blessed beyond measure and filled to unimaginable heights our God is bigger than any other god and most importantly He is actively participating in our life, in the past, today and we know He will continue to do so in the future.
The best part is He is letting us see Him in our life, that is what life is truly about!!!