Thursday, January 24, 2013

That's all the lumber......

I am always curious of my own doings. I sometimes wonder about the opportunities I've missed and the times I've fallen short. I think about how many things I've been blessed with and how many times I've failed to bless others. 

It's kind of ironic to think about these things given the circumstances I'm in but it never ends even in my position there are still things I can do to help others and I will continue to do those things. My attempts to collect lumber for a home have been very limited. I have had lots of offers of help but very little material donated and honestly that doesn't shock me.

I even had a woman of a business tell me that "that was just too much for me to take on"...... it was all I could do not to scream at her and ask her if the accident, hospitalization, divorce, lack of income, no car and no home wasn't too much for me too! Without naming names, I was appalled at her careless concern and lack of respect for me as I was making an attempt to make something happen rather than sit at home and feel sorry for myself. I was very impressed when she shooed me off on a local charity organization as though it was above her to consider that all of us are a community of caregivers that in large and small ways we can be a heart beat to an individual, a family, a school, a church or a whole city! 

As I continue to think about my project and what I'd like to accomplish it makes me think of the song Eli Woods sings called "The lumber song". 

This version of the song found on youtube made me laugh however the story is so real to us who live in this world. We need to find our way to show our care for others and our community. Even as simple as opening a door for someone or letting the person in a hurry go in front of us in line! We can make a difference if we want to, it's the wanting to that seems to leave us behind! I sometimes wonder what I can do to make my kids less selfish, to encourage them to think of others first and to stand out from the average kids. I know that deep down it is me and my responses that will teach them to love others.

When you run around this weekend, take a minute to think about the lumber song and take just one more minute to do something that affects an individual, family, church or community in a positive way!

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