Thursday, March 22, 2012

Living in Laneville!

Our time in Alabama was eventful, profitable for learning and eye opening. I did not know that there was a place within the U.S. that could have so much ignorance and still preach like they were the only pocket on God's green earth that was right. Needless to say, moving from there was one of the smartest decisions we made and has opened up a great amount of opportunities that we would not have been afforded had we stayed.

So, where are we now? Living in Laneville...... Texas to be exact. The town of Laneville boasts a 4 way intersection, several closed businesses and a single eatery that most say is good, though we haven't taken the time to try it. Two churches, Baptist and Methodist (we don't attend either) and a park that was dedicated to somebody, not really sure why and the local post office. All in all it is a pleasant environment, people seem to leave each other alone, and that's my preference. The boys enjoy 3 acres behind the house we are renting and the local park is only a few steps away.

Someone has cut the grass at the park recently, the boys are enjoying the weather a bright sunny day 77 degrees and a brisk wind.

Eric and I are still pursuing education, Eric is in his 3rd semester of an Environmental Masters while he works as the Environment, Health and Safety Manager over the Satcom work in Kilgore, a great position which he seems to be thriving at.

I am continuing my Masters in Mental Health Counseling, trying to keep my head above water while homeschooling, raising 4 boys and tending to all sorts of crisis within the home :)

We have recently begun pursuing a Reactive Attachment Diagnosis for your two younger boys. I detest labels but unfortunately the whole of society including family will call you a liar unless you have a doctor (who does NOT know your child) write a note about what you tell them ABOUT YOUR CHILD! It's a sad world we live in. Either way the information put forward for people raising RAD kids has been extremely helpful and we have had some, albeit small, advances in improved behavior. I hope to soon have a small informational post along with a book I wrote that is humorous yet factual on the stress RAD's have on a family and what friends, family and teachers can do to help!

I can honestly say that one of the best things about being in Laneville, TX is that it is appx 40 minutes from Longview, TX where two of the wisest people I know live. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my Grandparents and cherish each opportunity I have to assist them. The knowledge and truth that they share in conversations is priceless, something that can not be matched by others in my life and the humor they share is often priceless as well. I feel honored to bring my kids over for a visit or two, sometimes those few hours are more valuable than all the training and instruction they get from Eric and I in a week. So these are just a few things about us and our lives, living in Laneville.

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