Saturday, November 12, 2011

Living life....... and letting go!

Today, of all days Eric milks the cow. Typically this is reserved to the soft hands of myself who has a gentle touch the cow greatly appreciates! But today I am relinquishing this opportunity to Eric.

It isn't really that he can't do it but that I do it more efficiently! I do it with speed he seems to get confused as to which fingers close first and then there's the issue of thinking he's getting dirt in the milk ( not a pleasant thought at all ) but I am letting him do it!

I have learned 3 things about letting Eric do things and I can imagine many women have learned the same.
1. Actually let them do it.
2. Give them a short list of suggestions
DO NOT tell them what or how to do it
even if you have been doing it forever.

This last tidbit is the most important part! Just leave the area, what ensues will either be comical, tragic or amazing! Either way the outcome will not be available if you stick around to watch the action.

So, this morning we will see the result of Eric milking Delilah! She typically refuses to give milk for a whole day after he touches her, I am hoping that is not the outcome today!

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