Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weather or not to talk about it!

The weather outbreak on April 27th, 2011 was an incredible display of grace, sovereignty and sheer power.

I have at no point in my life been so amazed than when I returned home to view the damage. Our home was spared but our next door neighbors did not see the same level in their property. With 8 people in the home, the only walls remaining were those of the interior area, where the family was tucked into the hallway.

Life is short, praying is great but doing is something that you can attach to your prayer!

Today is the National Day of Prayer and we are all as believers encouraged to pray, but rather than just gathering to say a prayer to the Almighty God, take a minute to look at these images.
Say a prayer and DO SOMETHING!!!

Jesus set an amazing example by DOING as well as PRAYING. We should follow suit.

Ways to help disaster victims and other individuals whether it is families of deployed soldiers, those who have lost their job or health, or just someone having a bad day can be found at Red Cross or Random Acts of Kindness
If neither of these are how you'd like to participate then visit your local homeless shelter or church.

This image was a forest!

Here is what most of us take for granted, a trampoline for our kids to play on.

A travel trailer stood here, it is now scattered throughout the woods behind it!

This is the National Weather Services Confirmed Tornado Tracks and Strength Evaluations for Alabama.

All disasters, God made or man made are a time to adjust reflect and stretch. Stretch your faith to greater lengths, your friendliness to broader spans, your habits of selfishness thin, and your pride extinct. For those who have been affected, let people help. For those creating there own disasters, get over yourself there is enough out here without you creating your own. For those of you who have little faith, consider this from the mouth of my 5 year old son as he viewed the awe inspiring damage " God is bigger than the boogie man, He's bigger than Godzilla or the Monsters on TV, Mom!!!!, He's super big because he can bend the trees"

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