Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why or rather, WHY NOT?

Today I had the unfortunate opportunity to answer to the question "Why?" and while I understand that we are a society of "WHY" people it saddens me to think that my children are growing up in a culture that challenges things rather than challenging you to do things.

Today I did something nice, and got asked "Why did you do that?". My response, "Why not?" There is a level of spirituality attached to the idea of why not, and a level of materialism and selfishness that comes with the why. If I challenge myself to do things on a more spiritual level then I find myself asking the question, why not do this, it's a good thing. Many times I come up with reasons but they are always rooted in the material and selfish level of why.

Are you confused? Let me offer this example.

An elderly lady is attempting to get through a door way, a young man ponders for a moment. If he asks himself, "why should I help her" he is rooted in narcissism and cannot see past his own selfishness and his answers to himself may consist of, " I am in a hurry", "she'll get it eventually", " I don't feel like it". However if he gives himself to consider, Why not with honesty he will not find a good answer that steers him away from the act of kindness and in many cases the answer will drive him to it!

The next time you find yourself considering why, take the time to think why not!

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