Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time for a review!!! MyFitnessPal App.....

I generally don't care to write reviews but I felt that this app has been a significant part of my last couple weeks and without sharing it how can others benefit!

MyFitnessPal a FREE app created by MyFitnessPal LLc is one of the best apps I have found for food, fitness and calorie tracking! Not only does it allow you to scour the 750,000 foods within their database it also allows you to create and save any foods that are not in the database.

The application also allows you to connect with friends much like facebook or myspace, allowing for comments of encouragement or correction if need be! Having enjoyed many a meal out, this app has been the start of what I hope to say is the last time I will overeat out of ignorance!

The reality is in this fast pasted world of going going gone, we actually get tricked by food labels and packaging that boast a healthy alternative only to discover that that alternative was full of all the things we don't want! There have been hundreds even thousands of days that I have consumed what I though was a healthy and balanced diet only to discover my ignorance.

Today I follow a pretty tight schedule of consumption, sticking closely to the caloric intake suggestion made by MyFitnessPal and the results are amazing. I stepped on the scale to a number I hadn't seen in 6 months and to my delight I have lost a whole pant size!

While I don't expect this app to do the work for me, it definetly makes my daily consumption easier and healthier all around! So, if your looking for something to help you stay on track or if you and your friends want to start a diet together this is the app that can help you connect with your friends and reconnect with the body you once had!

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