Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thank you rain!!

In a world were being couped inside with four boys would sound like a horrific experience, especially when the boys are 7, 5, 5, and 4. I must confess that I am finding today to be a wonderful treat and while I wish that today were Saturday so I could crawl into my bed and sleep away the peaceful pitter patter as it falls on the roof I will not complain. The last week has been spent in significant heat.

There is nothing more realistic on a June day in Alabama than to be using box fans and ice packs to try to keep cool. With the A/C being out lately it has been hot, humid and at times pretty miserable for my husband! The boys and I seem to fair well, but the reality is HOT is HOT no matter how well you tolerate it!

Today, it is raining! With an occasional roll of thunder that is sure to let you know that the Almighty is still working his musical magic in the skies and a bolt of lightening to remind you not to play outside when God is playing with the weather! :)

The boys are basking in the idea that they may get to play WII all day and mom might not say a word as long as we don't argue!! They have all had baths and quiet time will of course be at least 30 minutes longer if the cloud cover stays throughout the day ( they always nap longer when the sun isn't blaring through their windows!

So, while I know that rain can be as much a pain to the construction worker, the welder, the gardner and even to the occasional mom who doesn't care to be trapped inside with all her monsters, to me the rain is a peaceful day, a time to reflect, a moment of still in a very hectic life. The rain is a reprieve from the heat and a time to consider the value of the weather wet or dry, hot or cold. In many a hot day, one small cloud will shade you for a moment, be thankful for the moment, and even on the wettest of days, there is a dry spot somewhere be it your house or under a tree.

Be thankful no matter what the weather may be!

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  1. This is so much like Niger! We have the unrelenting heat day after day after day. Then the rain comes and it's like a special treat!