Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feeling Guilty about Cereal

If there ever was a thing to feel guilty over, I would never have guessed the word cereal would be my biggest hurdle in healthy eating. Darn those big companies with there sugar filled, color splashed puffs of heaven only knows what kind of preservatives and such. Yesterday marked the start of my online quest for cold cereal recipes and much to my despair there really weren't many that didn't involve, corn or bran flakes!

All the boys LOVED the cereal in the morning, we could easily take on two boxes or half a family bag on a heavy consumption day so why on earth am I so surprised that our healthy eating clause has affected their idea of a "good" breakfast.

In a desperate attempt to provide a "cold cereal" I have begun experimenting with different ideas on how to create a corn puffish/cherrioish type cereal that can be made with or without cocoa powder to create the ideal, not too hard, not too soggy healthy alternative to store bought cold cereals. I will definitely post the results once they are out but right now I am sitting on the couch hoping in all sincerity that there is some contraption out there that will replace all the hand piped little bits of "could be" cereal that are just now baking slowly in my oven.....

I know that what I make may be absolutely inedible but hopefully despite this possibility I can fuel the boys future with the idea that mom tried her darn-est to make them some cereal, and hopefully they won't hold the diet change as a tragedy for too long.

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